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Take A Trip To A 130-million Year Old Wonder

Being the largest state in Penisular Malaysia, Pahang Offers numerous spectacular sights. One of them is the 130 million-year-old Taman Negara, one of the most glorious and the oldest tropical rainforest in the world-oder even than the forests of Africa and South America. Taman Negara, legally declared as a protected area in 1938 sprawls across 1300 kilometers of undisturbed virgin rainforest.

The main access into Taman Negara in through Kuala Tahan, via the town of Jerantut. You can also make your journey to the national park through Merapoh, the western gateway that is located 98km north of Kuala Lipis on the Kuala Lipis-Gua Musang road.

The national park is home to 10,000 species of flora and fauna, some exclusively found only in this part of the region. Gunung Tahan - the highest mountain of great interest to botanists and nature lovers for its undisturbed diversity of habitats and plant communities.

Go and test the adventure in you to the limit. At Taman Negara, you are not short of adrenaline-pumping activities. Challengging outdoor activities such as mountain climbing and camping await you to experience. For mountain climbing enthusiasts, you may asend Gunung Tahan which offers you an exhilarating and panoramic view of the jungle canopy top.

Another must-try activity in Taman Negara is camping where you may take advantage of a number of campsite. If you are not equipped with the necessary camping gears, you may hire them. You could also visit the friendly aborigine settlements and get a better insight of one of Malaysia's indigenous people- the Batek. One such settlement is Kampong Yong where you will see how the forest dwellers live and work. Plus they can be your best excursion guides to explore the caves around the Park.

Taman Negara’s History

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